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National Peace Committee For InterFaith Harmony(NPCIH)

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Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci taion

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Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci taion


The prime objective of Peace Committee for Interfaith harmony is to bring harmony in Multi-faiths, which is lacking today and needs are to speed up the activities on the subject Internationally, to save and eliminate the problems the world is facing today. The U.N.O’s organisation for interfaith is to promote harmony in the Islamic systems and its promotion.

The Pakistan nation at present is trying at all levels and efforts towards bring awareness among the people involved in all walks of life to control extremism and terrorism. Pakistan is becoming a front state countering extremism and terrorism.

To counter such activities and to bring harmony in provinces, races and common men to save the country from such evil-individuals.

The President Asif Ali Zardari, The Prime Minster Syed Raza Gillani and other representatives of the nation, showing passion to take action for interfaith harmony between all provinces of Pakistan and Globally. This is the reason that National Peace Committee has been set up by the government of Pakistan directly.

The head quarter of this National organisation has been set up in Islamabad; where as offices in all other providences have been set up.

Allama Ejaz Hashmi Central Chairman for NPCIH Pakistan. Having worked most of his life in promoting peace, harmony and studied in many religions. Believes, as all religions preach peace, love and tolerance and no religion on earth teaches hatred, violence and intolerance and terror. So if all faiths unite to promoting peace, then the possibility of peace is surly near.

Allama Azim Gee President NPCIH UK/Europe sees the importance to creating a better understanding and communication between overseas Pakistanis and especially with our youth, who differ between there Pakistani origin and British heritage. Also to bring a better understanding, cooperation and unity among different sects and faiths.

Shahbaz Sarwar Vice Chairman NPCIH UK/Europe endeavours to create a network of individual and associations inside and outside of Pakistan who are deducted to promoting a better understanding of Pakistani culture and society with a strong wave of enthusiasm and hope across the world, highlight and finding solutions on interfaith harmony with the cooperation of different sections of our societies as whole.